Our Offer

1. We start with a house visit to we take all measurements for interior design, providing photographic documentation. We determine the client’s preferences and expectations in terms of function.

2. Later we make the initial design arrangement (communication, partitions, household appliances distribution) and materials proposals (floors, walls, ceilings).

3. We prepare 3D visualization which will help you see your future home.

4. You are provided with design drawings, full technical documentation and descriptions for its realization for contractors. We will save you endless amounts of time researching products, brands and best prices. Our professional assessment of your situation will lead us to a solid plan of action.

5. Quality control and an assurance of original design is a promise.

6. We can help you with the preparation of technical documentation required to obtain permits from the Commune for renovation, such as the change of rooms usage, reconstruction of staircases, expansion of the parking lot, and much more.

7. We are in close cooperation with companies providing all required services.