Interior Design Project- What Does It Include?


The creation of the interior that is functional, comfortable and elegant, as well as tailored to the individual taste of the owner, is not an easy thing. On the market, there is a huge selection of all sorts of finishing materials, and the number of elements that need to be combined together is enormous: flooring, furniture, wall color and the way they finish, ceramics and sanitary fittings, ceilings, lighting and much more. No wonder that the average person is lost in the sheer volume of all the decisions that need to be taken to equip your apartment. Also not surprisingly the decisions taken are often wrong. To avoid losing your time, money and nerves you might want to use the services of professional interior architect, who will help you maximize the area’s potential with minimal effort on your site.

If we design the interior of the existing building, we start from TAKING ALL MEASUREMENTS and photographic documentation for interior design. This is necessary, because it often happens that in relation to architectural design there appear smaller or larger non-compliances.


We can notice that the plans our clients recived when they bought the house differ from existing condition.

The next step is developing the CONCEPT of the interior.

  • You will see your future apartment with the initial proposal of colors, materials, furniture and computer visualization of details
  • You will discover the potential of your apartment
  • You will find out how to change the layout of the walls partition
  • You will see the best settings for furniture and appliances in the apartment

Conceptual design includes:

  • taking all measurements of designed interiors and making photographic documentation
  • 2-3 variants of interior design in the form of a top view plan of the walls and furniture arrangement
  • proposals for color and material and / or computer visualizations.

When the concept is selected we move on to selecting the color for the spaces, suitable furniture and equipment. After selecting all the elements it is time for the implementation of the FULL PROJECT WITH TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION. Unfortunately, many offices does not provide technical drawings. Their absence is the cause of disputes between the contractors and the client. It is worth to save yourself the trouble and ask what exactly is a part of the project.

  • With DMD Interiør you will receive a set of drawings with dimensions for contractors
  • Thanks to them, you realize vision of a fixed flat on the smallest details

Executive project includes:

  • 3D visualization helping you to see our assumptions
  • existing condition of the apartment (2D drawing) and floors plans after the changes (detailed designs of individual rooms, kitchen, bathroom)
  • construction drawings: suspended ceiling design, plasterboard walls, floors project, closets, cabinet systems, etc.
  • lighting arrangement, switches and sockets, plumbing points- drawings with dimensions
  • shopping list with products, brands and best prices (finishing materials, kitchen and bathroom fittings and ceramics, furniture, etc)
  • techncal drawings required to obtain permits from the Commune to renovation works (window changes, before/after drawings with visualizations)

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